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Welcome to Ancient-Touch!!


This is a group for all who feel inspired by history and ancient civilizations. Unlike other history groups on deviantart we sort our gallery folders by civilization not by type of art (traditional, digital, photography....) which is useful if you are interested in a particular ancient culture.

Group rules:

:bulletgreen: It is preferred that you are a member if you are going to submit art but sometimes your art may be featured with your permission even if you are not a member.

:bulletgreen: You must submit to the right folder..... seriously guys, this is a history fan club. We like cultural accuracy. Do not submit your ancient Egyptian mythology fan art to 'native pacific islanders' -_-

:bulletgreen: no offending other members. Pretty self explanatory :P

:bulletgreen: there is no limit on gallery submissions so go wild and stalk dead people :D

:bulletgreen: NO ART THEFT. If you are suspected of art theft you will be removed from the group. We've had an art theft already. Not good, guys.

:bulletgreen: Mature content like violence/blood/gore is allowed (there is something about ancient war scenes for example that is just AWESOME) nudity is also allowed though PLEASE use a mature content filter. This is very important and violators will be banned.

:bulletgreen:above all, have fun!! This is a learning atmosphere to talk about history as well as a place for viewing pretty artwork.

Don't forget to check out our affiliates too!! You can find these beautiful people right above the comments section on this page. They all have more wonderful history groups that you can check out.


icon design by :iconadahihiinada: (he has awesome art)
group name suggested by: :iconwintercabin: (who is really amazing and creative too)

The founder of the group is :iconaztecatl13: but the group has many more awesome admins who all have helped greatly in the creation and running of the group.

Gallery Folders

Anubis, God of death and mumification by MoonRises
Huixtocihuatl by Ixiptla
Bastet, Goddess of cats, maternity and family by MoonRises
The Divine Mother by MoonRises
Paleo and Neolithic age
Ultzuichisura - Character Design by Pelycosaur24

Mature Content

Homo erectus Chick by DaBrandonSphere

Mature Content

Homo erectus Chick (Colored) by DaBrandonSphere
Natufian Dance by DaBrandonSphere
Aztecs Mexica
Tonatiuh by Africa2000
Aztec Tilmatli by chaghatai-bigsleeves
Aztec Warrior Wearing Hip Cloth by chaghatai-bigsleeves
Acuetzpali by Youalahuan
Mist by charcoalfeather
Into the Spirit Realm by Youalahuan
Jade by Youalahuan
A Special Gift by Youalahuan
Tupac Chasqui by Guiler-717
Moonlight Lovers by Youalahuan
Kora by charcoalfeather
.:Ref:. Punchau by Youalahuan
Chimu burial mask by Africa2000
How a cephalopod could make the Nazca fan/star #2 by cephalopodomorphist
How a cephalopod could make the Nazca spider by cephalopodomorphist
How a cephalopod could make the Nazca reptile by cephalopodomorphist
Other civilizations from the Americas
Mazatla (Maza) Character Bio by SiberianRusky
Olmec Sportsman by DaBrandonSphere

Mature Content

Stinky baby by Korhann
Chibi Mazatla (Maza) by SiberianRusky
Vikings Norse
Sif by Iglybo
Odin's Vali or Ali by Iglybo
Freyja's Girls by sir-hattington
The Aesir by sir-hattington
Triskele / Triskell by J-LE7
Triskele / Triskell by J-LE7
Celtic initial / Lettrine celtique by J-LE7
Celtic chi / Chi celtique by J-LE7
Jeanne dArc by mokacarbonara
In Defense of Gaul by DaBrandonSphere
The Reconquista (AD 722 - 1492) by Undevicesimus
Sanctuary by Miguel-Santos
Ancient Spanish Monastery 3 by morbiusx33
Castle of Turegano II - Front view by Rubengda
Roman helmets- 3rd cent. BC by Orphydian
The expansion of the Roman Empire to AD 117 by Undevicesimus
The Roman Empire, AD 125 by Undevicesimus
Holy Roman Empire 800 AD to 1806
Roman Hedgehog Ball Pouch: For Tarot, Dice, Runes by ImogenSmid
Religion by Meldelen
The Frankish Empire under the Carolingians to 814  by Undevicesimus
Cornelia and her Children by Pelycosaur24
Macedon Hellas
Historical Figure Art: Alexander the Great by Maxtheboss2
Battle Feared by EmjeR
Andromeda and Perseus by Sanio
The Greco-Persian Wars, 499 - 479 BC by Undevicesimus
The Founding of Carthage by DaBrandonSphere
Sacred Band Fighter of Carthage by DaBrandonSphere
Salammbo by Enthalpie
Carthaginian Mask and Priest Sketches by DaBrandonSphere
Aegyptus,Kemet,ancient Egypt
Egyptian Facial Profiles by DaBrandonSphere
Hypatia of Alexandria Studies by DaBrandonSphere
TAROT TO RA Old egypt ancient god mystery rose by Mikewildt
egyptian gooddess Isis and god Horus Version 2016 by Mikewildt
Disneyland Zimbabwe by DaBrandonSphere
I Am the Queen of Sheba by DaBrandonSphere
Flirtatious Flattery by DaBrandonSphere
Nothembi the Azenyan Soldier by DaBrandonSphere
Ancient Israel
Ancient mosaic by ShlomitMessica
Ancient Hebrew Pictograph Stamp by ApocaWarCry
Shahbanu Azadeh of Bahramiyan Eranshar (Sassanid) by Gambargin
The Rest of Kings by Syltorian
Darius' Treasure by Syltorian
Iranian Goddess of Fertility by MayaStudio
The First Emperors by DaBrandonSphere
First Emperors Fist-Bump by DaBrandonSphere
Ishtar - Goddess of Babylon by talfar
Assyrian Archer by Pelycosaur24
Other middle eastern kingdoms
Veil dance by M16Tronaz
Marine's wedding by M16Tronaz
Jesus Goes Birthday Shopping by DaBrandonSphere
King David of Israel by DaBrandonSphere
Chinese Prince by DaBrandonSphere
Shaolin by DaBrandonSphere
Chinese girl by M16Tronaz
Lovely robe by Africa2000
The monster's tongue by Korhann
True warrior by Korhann
Sunlight by Korhann
Enlightened Shetan by Korhann
native pacific islanders and Australians
Whaling by DaBrandonSphere
Leather Maori Tiki Keyring or Bag Charm by ImogenSmid
Pengana and the Sticked Roller by DaBrandonSphere
Tumatauenga by Guiler-717
Other culturesfrom anywhere
Three Goddess Sketches by DaBrandonSphere
Taharqa of Kush by DaBrandonSphere
Hypsicratea of Pontus, 63 BCE - Women War Queens by Gambargin
Daughter of Kush by DaBrandonSphere
Gods n Goddesses 2014
God of Water- Poseidon by RaginChaos
hindu gods by jisbonlover
Did You Know by LaughButts
Apollo by diabolic-sun


Our group favorites.

Hello, fellow deviants and members of Ancient-Touch! This journal entry is to thank everyone who entered in the Ancient-Touch tagline contest. The contest is now closed, and our winner was :iconsyltorian: , who has received the 10-point prize ;)

After all, aren't we all 'cultists of Clio' here? :D

You can see our new glorious tagline under the group logo. I chose it because it says 'Clio is a muse too' meaning that 'history is an art too'. It's short and sweet, and a good representation of our group too. It's an obvious reference to Greek mythology, but it's still inclusive of all ancient history lovers.

Also, I highly suggest that you all take a look at :iconsyltorian: 's contributions to the group. He has submitted many beautiful photographs to the ancient Roman folder, and I'm sure we have ancient Rome fans here who would love to see those. :)

Too lazy to go find the ancient Rome folder? Then just click whichever thumbnail catches your eye:

Castor and Pollux by Syltorian  Nennig Mosaic: Lion vs. Wild Ass by Syltorian  A Day at the Market by Syltorian  Porro, Veneti! Allez les Bleus! by Syltorian

Once again, thanks everyone for entering!!

Your admin,


Aztec Calendar stamp by Undevicesimus
More Journal Entries

Journal Writers


Our admin, co-founders, and contributors have organized the folder names.

Of course, the real magic comes from all the members who submit their art here :D

If you would like to add a folder please contact us with a suggestion!

Also, we like to obsess over ancient history so please feel free to have nerdy conversations with us <_<
:P ;)




Latest Favourite Artists

Your name could be here! Submit at least 1 piece of art to our favourites (this number might change). If we like it, we will accept. Please do submit to faves ;)

Thank you.

Who has been stalking dead people recently ;D ?! (visitors)

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